Sample Numerical Estimation Questions

Numerical estimation questions test your ability to make quick estimates of the answers to fairly straightforward numerical questions. To score well on these questions you will need to make quick approximations of the answer. You must avoid the trap of working out the answer exactly, which will take up too much time and prevent you from answering enough questions to get a good score.

Sample Numerical Estimation

Numerical estimation is key in many craft and technical jobs where the ability to quickly and accurately estimate material quantities is essential. The speed at which you can answer these questions is the critical measure, as most people could achieve a very high score given unlimited time in which to answer. You can therefore expect 25-35 questions in 10 minutes or so.

Sample Numerical Estimation Question

    A B C D E
1 347 + 198 = ? 650 550 580 590 600
    A B C D E
2 304 + 201 + 359 = ? 800 950 850 900 970
    A B C D E
3 9,601 – 481 = ? 9,200 9,100 8,100 9,000 8,050
    A B C D E
4 989 – 99 + 3,202 = ? 3,400 3,200 4,100 3,100 4,500
5 5.8 × 6.1 × 9.8 = ? 480 250 560 350 260
    A B C D E
6 905 ÷ 49 = ? 18 14 13 15 12
    A B C D E
7 1,447 ÷ 12.3 = ? 100 150 120 140 14
8 62% of 987 = ? A B C D E
    610 670 560 540 680
9 11.5% of 78,754 A B C D E
    7000 8000 9000 9500 8500
10 If one ream of paper costs $3.95 how much would 12 reams cost? A B C D E
    $47.00 $37.00 $36.00 $44.00 $45.00
11 John starts work at 8:45 am and finishes at 5:15 pm. He has 90 minutes of breaks. How many hours does he work in 29 days? A B C D E
    180 200 220 240 260
12 A restaurant bill is made up as follows: $212.43 for starters, $128.52 for main courses and $78.96 for deserts, plus a 17% service charge. How much is the bill? A B C D E
    $400 $420 $440 $490 $460
13 A rectangular solid is 19 inches high, 19 inches wide and 19 inches long. What is its volume in cubic inches? A B C D E
    7,000 7,500 8,000 8,500 9,000
14 A cylindrical solid is 40 inches high, and has a diameter of 2 inches. What is its volume in cubic inches? A B C D E
    100 120 140 160 180


Answer to sample Numerical Estimation questions.

Even though numerical estimation questions appear straightforward, it can take some time to develop the optimum compromise between speed and accuracy. Before you attempt to answer each question, look at the range of answers available and ask yourself how accurate your estimate needs to be. For example, is an order of magnitude sufficient or does the answer need to be worked out to the nearest whole number?

If you out of practice with arithmetic, then try re-learning the times tables up to 12 and practice rough and ready multiplication, division and percentage calculations. Practice can improve your test scores for all types of aptitude tests but numerical estimation is one area where it can really make a difference, so try as many examples as you can.

These sample numerical estimation questions are directly applicable to tests used to select for craft and technical jobs. However, the ability to make quick estimates is a useful skill to have even if you are sitting a graduate or professional level test as it will enable you to roughly check your answers to data interpretation questions.

Download  sample Numerical Estimation Questions

Preparation plays a large part in determining your level of success, and these sample questions should help you to face a test with increased confidence.

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