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This eBook tells you the secrets of solving these seemingly complicated puzzles with effortless ease and that show an employer that you are someone who can accurately and consistently ‘think on their feet’.

Abstract reasoning demonstrates that you have the ‘natural’ ability to interpreting data trends and patterns. Can you recognize and correctly select the solution for 25 questions in 20 minutes? Our eBook has 80 pages that detail how you can develop the necessary speed and accuracy to succeed at:

  • Pattern recognition, 

  • Figure grouping, 

  • Icon grids,

  • Pattern completion, 

  • Logical flowcharts and

  • Multiple operator questions. 

This eBook has 170 questions contained within the 6 tests, four on abstract reasoning and two an the more specialist skill of diagrammatic reasoning required by management and graduates hoping to become managers.

Explanations accompany the answers to aid you in developing the level of skill in such test to achieve the high score needed for success. It also demonstrates to an employer that you have the right level of ability to work out and interpret data and trends to overcome problems and deal with any situation you encounter.

Are you preparing to take an abstract reasoning test? Maybe you are seeking a position in management, or are looking to get hired by a company that offers better pay and benefits. Abstract reasoning tests are being employed more and more often by companies in ALL facets of business, not only for management positions, but also for jobs where critical thinking and problem solving skills will be necessary to getting things accomplished.

This ebook will take you through the entire testing process, beginning with why companies test their applicants, and ending with how to stay motivated while preparing for and taking the test. It includes an exhaustive set of practice questions, as well as valuable insight as to what companies are looking for when they review test stores. Contrary to what most people believe, companies ARE looking for something in those test scores… and in our ebook, we will show you EXACTLY how to give them what they WANT to see!

How Will This Ebook Help To Prepare Me For The Test?

This ebook will do a number of things to help you get ready. For one, it will explain the testing process, what it is for, and what companies are looking for when they administer it. You will get an inside-look at how companies might assess the information, and you will realize that there IS a method behind it all.

But how can you hope to score high enough to get the job if you don’t have the means to practice beforehand? That is a great question, and this ebook is a great solution! Within its pages, you will find a plethora of testing questions that will help to prepare you for the real thing. By spending a little bit of time working on these questions every day, you will be able to condition yourself to the mental rigors that you will face on testing day. You will also learn the thought-processes behind different types of questions, allowing you to become familiar with how specific types of questions are solved before you ever set foot inside the testing room.

A lot of people tend to think that preparation for this type of test is not possible. They fall into the ‘trap’ of believing that they are either intelligent enough to pass it, or that they are not. Either way, they believe that they can simply walk onto the testing floor without preparation and somehow come out on top. The only problem with this mentality is that it relies COMPLETELY on LUCK! By not preparing for this test, you are walking blindly into one of the GREATEST CHALLENGES that you will face in your professional career! These tests are NOT easy, which is why people who prepare for it are MANY TIMES more likely to get a better score than those who don’t.

The truth is that you CAN prepare for these tests, and our ebook is one of the few resources available that will give you an EXHAUSTIVE and COMPLETE array of test-questions aimed at making you as READY AS POSSIBLE!

In this ebook, you will learn EXACTLY how to prepare for even the most difficult abstract reasoning test, and will be equipped with the knowledge and the mindset required to pass it with FLYING COLORS. Why trust luck when you can prepare and be ready? After all… chance DOES favor the prepared, does it not?

Don’t rely on luck alone to get you to the next phase of your career!



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These eBooks are only available from this website. Payment is by credit card, enabling you to download them without delay.


Don’t lose out at your next job interview, download your eBooks NOW and guarantee success.